Friday, 17 August 2012

yet more webby/business stuff.

Having got this swanky new tuition vehicle, I want to make it work for me.

I had the idea of handing out business cards outside the 6th form college, when they had their induction day. I looked online and as luck would have it, it was the very next day. I had no lessons that day, so out I went in my swanky new tuition vehicle, and parked outside and tried to hand out some cards.

It wasn't really happening. I managed to offload a few but I got there a little too late, and business cards are not the ideal thing to hand out as advertisements. They contain contact details, but don't really sell the driving school. What I really needed were posters or leaflets. Something bigger, with the introductory offer and all that sort of stuff. So after a fairly short time, I abandoned my attempt.

Thing is, as you can see, the business card is quite dark. It's one of the standard cheap templates offered by a discount online business card printer. As such it's pretty well tailored to the needs of a driving school, but it's not how I want a leaflet or a poster to look. The swanky new tuition vehicle is predominantly white.

So I gave the car a wash, and went out taking photographs of it, in various photogenic nearby locations.

Here are a few of them...

Those large expanses of white may make an effective background for promotional text.

I will also be revamping the website. I'd originally wanted to get  the 150+ pictures I'd taken down to perhaps 4 or 5. One per page. But then I thought of using some kind of randon background image selection program. A quick search of the internet found a free and simple one quickly enough. So I'm not limited to just 4 or 5. If I have say 12 really nice pictures, they can be faded back a little, and used as a backdrop either to the page, or a table within the page.

driving lessons in Wallasey? learn to drive in Wirral? driving instructor in Birkenhead?

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Pete said...

Congratulations on your (no longer brand) new car. If it were here, the monks would have been round to bless it and ensure an auspicious future experience.