Friday, 17 August 2012

Abusive relationships

I've been in an online correspondance with a Democrat. It could just as easily have been with a New Labour Supporter, or for that matter, a Republican.

The touchstone for this correspondance was me posting an article by a woman called Donna Smith, called "Dead Woman Walking"

My correspondant liked the article, and thanked me for posting it, but made further comments thanking God that the Republicans hadn't won both parts of the house.

The article challenged the usual tribal status quo by stating that:

"It was a slow and torturous death, my American dream. And for millions of others, I am guessing it is the same. Nothing this current round of politicos is planning to do can restore it."


"This piece is not about who will or will not be our president or vice president, as after voting in every election since the 1970s, I am pretty sure what I need and want isn’t coming from any of them."

So I challenged her to specify how the Democrats had made a difference.

She responded with two messages. The first was that things would be different this time. The second was that because of the internet, she could sign petitions and stuff, and that would make a difference.

I wished her luck. But then it struck me.

We have an abusive relationship with our politicians.

What abusive partner hasn't come crawling back, claiming to have changed? And how often do those poor abused idiots stay with the relationship, in the mistaken belief that they can somehow change things?
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