Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Recipé spot!

Tonight I shall be making pizza. But with a twist!

You see, your typical pizza is a bloody great lump of carbohydrate with a bit of stuff on top.

All fine and dandy, and in my opinion, a truly simple and tasty way to fill your belly.

But what if I could get all that tasty goodness onto something thinner, instead of a 2 inch thick slab of dough?

Something like a tortilla?

The shape is right. The material is similar. It should crisp up nicely. The tortillas I've bought are a bit smaller than the pizza bases you can buy, but that's OK.

So here we are. The raw materials. Tortillas as a base. Cheese. Tomatoey pizza topping stuff. A pepper. Mushrooms. And a small onion from the allottment.

Smear a goodly splodge of the pizza topping on the tortilla. Grate a load of cheese onto that, then chop the veggies and shove them on top.

Shove them in the oven on about gas mark 7 for 15 minutes.


Well it was OK. But next time I will do things differently. the base didn't really crisp. The pizza topping made it soggy instead. The cheese didn't melt well and the veg dried out. They need to go on the other way around. Also the onions and peppers would have benefitted from being precooked. Actually, just using less topping would have been better.

But apart from that, it worked. The thin base made a much lighter and less stodgier meal than a proper pizza base.

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