Thursday, 21 July 2011

On the buses

Well, I've just been for an assessment/interview this morning. I got to wear a hi-viz jacket, but I didn't get a hat.

I got there early, but the guy who was supposed to assess me was with someone else, but I went into the bowels of the building with the manager, who asked me some questions, and gave me the low down on life with First Group.

If I get the job I will be working split shifts, monday to friday, 4 hours a day. Nominally the pay is something like £8.45 an hour, but they actually pay a bit over £7 per hour, and pay 52 weeks of the year, so you get a wage coming in, even when the schools are on holiday.

I can teach during those times of course. £140 a week over christmas would be very nice thank you very much!

I had to blow into a breathalyser (reading, zero) and the trainer got me to drive a couple of miles in a small van. I got a minor fault because I rolled back a little bit at a junction. Should have used my handbrake.

The shame of it!

A minor fault is OK though. The guy assessing me reckoned he'd had a few instructors coming into bus driving, all saying that it was very hard to find enough work.

Over 100 people applied for 6 vacancies. Some were prepared to travel from as far afield as Litherland and Mold. From those 100, a shortlist of 16 was selected. not all of whom have shown up for interview.

I should know in the next week or so anyway.

Watch this space...

Update: I passed the interview, but the vacancy had been filled.

Huh? In retrospect, I'm quite glad I didn't get it.

driving lessons in wallasey anyone?

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