Tuesday, 29 September 2009

shit day

I had a driving test today. Unfortunately it didn't happen because my brake lights weren't working. So I feel like a worm for letting my poor pupil down. It's cost me well... £57 for the time I couldn't charge her for today, £62 for her new test date, and another £57 for the lessons I've had to cancel today to get this sorted out. And about £10 for 2 new bulbs. What's that? About £176?

Plus, yesterday I spent £20 getting the car valeted. I thought I'd treat it and myself to a nice valet.

The reason the lights weren't working was because the wiring had become loose and the 2 side bulbs had blown. And it's only happened after someone's been poking around in the footwell with vacuum cleaner.

And I can't even prove they fucked up my wiring.

This afternoon has been spent cancelling lessons, visiting garages, sitting on hold while phoning the driving test people, and getting hot and bothered.



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I feel better now.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Flight simulating - just got a lot geekier!

I went and got myself Microsoft's Flight Simulator, the 2004 edition. So far I've just been getting to grips with it, but I just did my first landing. If you've read this blog, you'll know that I spent quite a lot of time taking off from Manchester, and trying to land at Liverpool.

Only natural then that I should do the same sort of thing with this. In fact the program had me taking off from Liverpool, eastbound, so going to Manchester seemed like the simplest thing to do.

I passed it on my right, then circled round and came in at about 90 degrees to where I thought the runway should have been. So I had to circle back again. I came in at a bit of an angle, but landed really smoothly. Inevitably, I slewed off the runway because I was using the differential brakes, but if I'd been doing it for real, I'd have probably survived.

I didn't take any screenshots at the time, but I sort of took off again and tried to land. This time I crashed, but this is what it looks like...

Circling around...

Approaching the runway...

Anyway. How's this for a hard luck story?

I got everything right. It was just spot-on. I passed Runcorn bridge and had a perfect glide path into Liverpool. Dead centre. Nose lifted slightly as I touched down and....

I crashed.

I'd forgotten to put the undercarriage back down.

Monday, 21 September 2009


Being a tiger means you laugh

when other, lesser tigers have

to eat meat that's infected

Being a tiger means your mate

When overfed will defaecate

in places least expected.

Marvellous :)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Flying High!

Starting from Sea Level, I've been trying to go as high as I can in the flight simulator.

My record?

Well see for yourself...

This was my first attempt. Just over 60,200 feet above sea level. But I got better.


And better...


And better...

Just over 72,400 feet! On a cloudless day you can see for miles.

I'm sure I can get higher still.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Who goes? You decide!

Well really you don't decide at all, but you can vote if you like.

Last season, Ronnie Moore's super white army came within a whisker of a place in the first division play-offs.

Then, inexplicably, over the summer, he was shown the door. Tranmere then appointed John Barnes - someone with little experience and a poor track record in club football management.

Poor old Barnesy looks totally out of his depth. I feel sorry for him really. I wonder how long he will last.


Well time will tell I suppose.

Rumour has it that Old Ronnie was found to have had his hand in the till. Just rumour of course. His sacking made no sense whatsoever in footballing terms.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

6 days, 2 meals, 1 walk, 5 bare appendages...

Still not smoking. Only occasionally do certain triggers make me think of them. One thing is a meal.

Today I went for a walk with my missus. We parked near Irby quarry, hoping to walk along the top of it, but there were too many nettles and brambles in the way.

Instead we ended up climbing Thor's Stone is Thurstaston.

It was like we were the only people for miles around. The sun was shining - A beautiful afternoon!

So Bren got her tits out.

You Wuss, I said. Why don't you take all your clothes off.

But she wouldn't.

You take all your clothes off

she said,

so I did. My body was shockingly white in the warm late summer sunshine, but I stood atop the rock, with nary a stitch on, while she took photographs.

I can show you this one, coz all it shows is my bum.

After this we walked to the local pub and had lunch before retracing our steps.

At one point, we went through a field with bullocks in it. One of them tried to eat us.

Seriously, that bullock was a bit scary. It seemed to feel quite threatened, particularly by me, and when my arm ended up in it's mouth, there was more to it than just friendly curiosity.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Erm... 3? 4 days?

Ah something like. Still getting the odd little craving, but really, it's been relatively easy. Here's some of the things I haven't done this time round:

  • Set a date in the near future to pack up
  • Bought and ate loads of snacky food (healthy stuff like celery, or unhealthy stuff like crisps)
  • Smoked pot instead
  • Chewed gum
  • Obsessed on mindless computer games for a few days while I got over the worst bits

I can see how hypnotherapy works. I'm thinking of learning how to do it, although it will cost me about £1400 to get the training. It would complement what I already do, provide a bit more variety to my job, and potentially give me a second source of income. As I said in my last post, I don't think I'm a good subject for hypnosis. I found too many tiny things distracting. But I do understand how it works, and I think I could do it very effectively.

If you can't wait for me to get trained up, and want to use hypnotherapy to stop smoking, here's the one I used.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Day 1.5...

Well, I don't think I was all that hypnotised, but what went on consciously did help. It's all in the mind you know.

I have had some cravings today, but I'm trying to use the right language. It's supposed to be easy this way. Last time I had a cigarette was about 3.30pm yesterday. So tomorrow afternoon will be day 3. Or something. It's not been that hard, and it should get easier.

Friday, 4 September 2009

I've stopped smoking

I went to see a hypnotherapist today.

I'm now a non-smoker. I'm going to bed now. When I wake up I won't want or need a cigarette.


Special K

Nowt that special really. But have found a different and slightly better "K".

Been a while since I posted one of these.

It's a bunker on a golf course in a desert.

There's also an F...

and a U...

And a C...

And a moose, and a dog, and a snake wearing lipstick.

And a W and a Y.

May post more pics at some point but...