Tuesday, 29 September 2009

shit day

I had a driving test today. Unfortunately it didn't happen because my brake lights weren't working. So I feel like a worm for letting my poor pupil down. It's cost me well... £57 for the time I couldn't charge her for today, £62 for her new test date, and another £57 for the lessons I've had to cancel today to get this sorted out. And about £10 for 2 new bulbs. What's that? About £176?

Plus, yesterday I spent £20 getting the car valeted. I thought I'd treat it and myself to a nice valet.

The reason the lights weren't working was because the wiring had become loose and the 2 side bulbs had blown. And it's only happened after someone's been poking around in the footwell with vacuum cleaner.

And I can't even prove they fucked up my wiring.

This afternoon has been spent cancelling lessons, visiting garages, sitting on hold while phoning the driving test people, and getting hot and bothered.


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