Wednesday, 9 September 2009

6 days, 2 meals, 1 walk, 5 bare appendages...

Still not smoking. Only occasionally do certain triggers make me think of them. One thing is a meal.

Today I went for a walk with my missus. We parked near Irby quarry, hoping to walk along the top of it, but there were too many nettles and brambles in the way.

Instead we ended up climbing Thor's Stone is Thurstaston.

It was like we were the only people for miles around. The sun was shining - A beautiful afternoon!

So Bren got her tits out.

You Wuss, I said. Why don't you take all your clothes off.

But she wouldn't.

You take all your clothes off

she said,

so I did. My body was shockingly white in the warm late summer sunshine, but I stood atop the rock, with nary a stitch on, while she took photographs.

I can show you this one, coz all it shows is my bum.

After this we walked to the local pub and had lunch before retracing our steps.

At one point, we went through a field with bullocks in it. One of them tried to eat us.

Seriously, that bullock was a bit scary. It seemed to feel quite threatened, particularly by me, and when my arm ended up in it's mouth, there was more to it than just friendly curiosity.

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