Monday, 25 August 2008

10 CC

See this C? Si?

Well I'm not totally happy with it. It's graphically and geographically too similar to my "E".

So I do have another couple lined up. But which to choose???

28°26'21.70"N, 80°34'42.83"W

This one is a few miles north from the original C. It's part of the original Cape Canaveral spaceport complex and appears to surround a rusty aeroplane. (An F86 Sabre by the looks of things) It reminds me of the circle of stones you'd use to surround a campfire. Perhaps it is. That would explain why the aeroplane is rusty.

The other one I've found is in Dunkirk, France.

I prefer them both to the original. Perhaps one could be "C" and the other, "c".

We'll see.

51° 2'20.59"N, 2°22'43.21"E

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