Sunday, 24 August 2008

A Personal ritual

I got married on 18th of April, 2004. Exactly one year later, me and my lovely missus climbed Helsby Hill and carved our names into the sandstone, before going on to a place called Lady Hayes in nearby Frodsham. That's a big craft centre, and since the first anniversary is represented by paper, it seemed like a good thing to do.

Climbing the hill has become a little ritual. After we've carved the latest date and recut the old cuts, we go driving and find somewhere nice to have a meal.

53°16'24.45"N, 2°45'47.83"W

Helsby Hill is a lovely place to be. The GE screenshot doesn't really do it justice.

You can see up to Liverpool, and across to the hills of Clywyd, and down across the Cheshire plain to the hills of Shropshire. What the picture doesn't show you is the plume of smog from the chemical plants and oil refineries of Ellesmere Port. Nor does it give any indication of the constant muted roar of traffic travelling along the nearby M56 motorway. Oh, and it's generally a bit chilly when the sun isn't shining, at least in mid April. Will we be there next year? If we still have legs, sure!

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