Thursday, 24 March 2016

Driverless cars

I can't see it happening myself, and a good thing too, in my opinion, and not just for simple pragmatic matters of my chosen profession.

Technology both gives us something, and takes something from us, at the same time.

A few hundred years ago, for example, new fangled things like steam engines and looms were taking us into an era of unprecedented abundance, while at the same time, taking away the means of untold thousands to put bread on the table.

But they did more than that. They made a complex skill largely obsolete.

I heard recently that London Taxi drivers will no longer be required to acquire "The Knowlege". The satnav has made it superfluous. 

I think there is a beauty in seeing an expert at work.

I see an elegant suspension bridge, forged from nothing by the skills of a master architect or engineer.

I read a poem by some gifted wordsmith that makes me somehow thing of something I've never thought of in that way before.

I listen to a tune that causes the hairs on the back of my neck to rise, the way they did the first time I heard "A day in the Life" by The Beatles.

The maker of the tapestry, the delicious meal, the sleek sports car. The constructed proof of the philosopher or the mathematician.

And I myself can construct a thing of beauty. I can drive a car in a beautiful, flowing, smooth, safe way that to a passenger feels somehow nicer than they could ever get from your average driver.

Perhaps we can get machines to do all of these things, but in doing so, we will be losing a part of ourselves.

Is that what we want?

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