Monday, 8 July 2013


One side effect of my workload increasing is that I haven't had time to go to the allotment. It's rapidly becoming waist high in grasses and weeds.

When ground is cleared, it tends to become recolonised firstly by colonising species, such as fireweed, thistles, dandelions, poppies, nettles, grasses, etc.

It's happening on my allotment, and it must have happened too, on the battlefields of France almost 100 years ago. The poppy, of course, has become a symbol of the sacrifice made by those that never returned. That a plant with strong analgesic and narcotic properties got the nod, rather than, say, the dandelion, is hardly surprising I suppose, on a battlefield.

But anyway, poppies can be prepared by drying, and made into tea, or smoked. People have died from doing so from time to time.

From what I can gather, the kind of poppies I have on the allotment are "Papaver somniferum", purple peony.

The "somniferum" bit indicates the presence of opiates. Funny old world isn't it? If I grew cannabis plants there, I'd be kicked off my plot, and probably prosecuted, yet I can grow opium with impunity.

Poppy tea is supposed to be helpful in suppressing restless leg syndrome. Presumably, it would help with migraines too. And presumably it can get you off your head. Not something I'd want to do regularly, as it would quickly lead to tolerance and withdrawal and all that, but I might just brew some up one day soon.

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Jim Bliss said...

Poppy tea can be very pleasant indeed. Though it doesn't half make you constipated (just letting you know).

Paul said...

I shall be taking some down south when I go to see a fellow head next month. Probably best to have a buddy first time.