Monday, 1 July 2013

m e s s a g e

I'm trying, without much success, to get a particular sound from from cyberspace onto my mobile phone.

The last bit is easy. Just connect my phone to my PC and transfer the file. I can then use it as the sound that occurs when I get a message.

The sound itself is a woman's voice saying "Message". It comes from an old game called Reunion. This was originally an Amiga game, but is also available as a DOS game, and is easy to obtain from sites such as abandonia.

Once unzipped, the sound file I am after is there in an audio folder, and is called "message.smp". .smp is I suppose short for "sample". None of the programs I have on my pc will play it. I've tried to record the sound in the game as a wave file, and then to isolate any bit where this sample is played, but somehow it's not being played.

Looking online for programs that will play it, I find I either have to pay a small fortune to Adobe for their Audition package, or I use some really dodgy looking apps. All for something very minor.

But if anyone just by chance should have this sample perhaps as an mp3 or .wav, I'd love to hear from you.

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