Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Skeptical of kettles

Those pesky goddamned commie scientists have been at it again.

The latest idea is that if you pass an electric current through a metal coil, you produce resistance, and therefore, heat is generated. They reckon that such technology is causing the water in my kettle to heat up.

Well I'm not having it, do you hear?

First of all, it might be quite nice if the water in my kettle is warmer.

In any case, I have serious doubts about the science. Lots of electrical engineers and quantum physicists signed a petition on the internet debunking the myth of electric making kettles boil. Clearly there is no consensus on the issue.

And frankly, even if there is a connection, well there's no conclusive proof that it's human activity that's responsible. The kettle is by a window, so it could be sunlight that's making it warmer. Or some other factor we don't know about yet.

And here's the clincher.

Back in 1503,. people had kettles, which sometimes boiled. Yet there was no electricity. So the idea that it's electricity that's causing kettles to boil is just clearly ludicrous.

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John said...

That's because in 1510 kettles were black and powered by magic, luckily reason and good christian values replaced such demonic forces and now kettles can be any colour under the rainbow because god and copernicus invented electricity.The forces of reason and christianity have also replaced going to the shops with the internet so we no longer have to leave the house to be tempted by satan, let us in this festive season give a loud huzzah for science and the baby jesus