Monday, 12 November 2012

Tea with artists and intellectuals...

For the past few months, me and Bren have been attending a dinner party on the first friday of each month. Our hosts are a couple who have been part of the local art scene for a long time, and the invite is really extended to me because I'm married to a woman who's an artist and the proprieter of a shop that sells stuff that's been hand made by local craftspeople and artists.

Those present vary only slightly, and include an author, an accomplished photographer, and a variety of other friends and acquaintences of our hosts.

The Author, Michael Carson, told us of some work he was doing in West Kirby, to get a monument erected in the library. The momument honoured a man called Edmund Morel, and Michael told us a bit about his history and deeds.

I was fascinated, so I looked into things in a bit more detail and contacted Dorian Cope. Dorian has a radical history blog, On This Deity, that commemorates a whole load of unsung heroes and I thought Mr Morel would be an ideal addition to her blog. She agreed, but asked me to write something. This wasn't really what I'd expected, but I rolled up my sleeves and spent a good few hours researching and writing an essay.

The date I chose to assign was the day Morel died, as so many of the on this deity entries are, and so it was that Dorian contacted me this evening to tell me that my essay would be going up on the 12th November. And so it has.

So thank you very much to Michael Carson, for bringing Morel to my attention. Thank you too, to Dorian herself, for suggesting that I actually write this, rather than just leave it to her. I found that I enjoyed doing it, and I'm proud to see something I've written published in such a place as On This Deity.

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Jim Bliss said...

Good article, Paul. I'd heard the name Edmund Morel (I think in connection with his defeat of Churchill) but didn't know anything about him.

OTD is good for stuff like that. Welcome to the team!