Thursday, 15 November 2012


My younger (42 years old) sister gave birth to her second, and presumably last human being on 14th November 2012.

I'm a multiple uncle. I am not a father. I don't expect to ever be a father. I'm in a monogamous relationship with  a post menopausal woman.

Monogamous. Gamous. Gamete.

We're biologically hardwired to have intercourse. Our social structures are geared up to encouraging the biological imperative, from anto abortion/anti-contraception strictires to working families tax credit.

But we're also creatures of intellect. Another dialogue is possible.

I enjoy sex, but I think 7 billion humans beings is probably more than enough, at least until we work out how to make things work on/in other planets/solar sytems.

When I was younger, I worked in a creche. I was good at establishing a relationship with children. I did it for several years. So I did my fatherhood by proxy. In retrospect, I think I was motivated by a refusal to grow up more than by a desire to propagate my genes.

Today, I work in a vocation that has a pastoral element. I am fulfilled.

driving lessons in Wallasey? learn to drive in Wirral? driving instructor in Birkenhead?

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Pete said...

Isn't it funny. (Not really) I am in the same boat. i.e. no kids and no expectation or desire to have them. I am regularly called upon, usually by strangers, to justify my not having kids or deny that I am odd, sad or homosexual. It is mildly frustrating for a whole raft of reasons. Whilst the irresponsible and prolific procreators are applauded. (I don't mean having kids is irresponsible, rather some parents act in an irresponsible way) Oh yes and I totally agree 7 billion is way more than enough.