Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ten miles and turbines.

Went out. Did work. Came home. Pumped up tyres. Went out on bike.

Cycled along the prom to Leasowe Lighthouse. A round trip of just over 10 miles. The first half was into a stiff breeze. The return journey, unsurprisingly was with the wind at my back.

There is a large offshore wind farm in Liverpool Bay. It was visible to me as I cycled along the path next to the sea. This week's local rag featured a story that they intend to more than double the number of turbines, from 30 to 75. The development was opposed by (Conservative) Councillor for Hoylake, John Hale.

Hedescribed it as a visual blot, and suggested the money would be better spent elsewhere. I looked online and found that the story had moved on. Wirral Borough Council, which had originally supported the proposal, was now backing down in the face of opposition.

We risk being hemmed in by them apparently.

Anyway, I took a couple of pictures on my phone while on my ride today. This first one shows Liverpool Bay without turbines.

Then I moved my camera over a bit to where the wind farm is and took another picture. Neither picture has been processed or manipulated in any way.

Well OK. Crap cameraphone. I thought I'd missed them out of the first one, but you can see the effect by looking to the left of the first photograph. Perhaps you can cover the right half of the picture with your hand or a convenient rizla packet.

In the top of the picture is the sky. Then you get the sea, finally, you get a bit of land. Nature's majesty in all it's awe inspiring simplicity.

In the bottom picture however, these monstrous and huge constructions take centre stage. Utterly dominating the scene, they blight the lives of the people of Hoylake and New Brighton. And to think they want to put even more of them there.

driving lessons in Wallasey?

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