Friday, 2 September 2011


I've shelled out about seventeen quid for a kite. I want to attach a video camera to it, and shoot movies from up in the sky.

This particular sort of kite is supposed to be amongst the most stable available. I'd actually like to be able to take pictures, but that requires either a lot of money or considerable ingenuity. I've heard of people rigging up timers based on the melting of ice cubes.

I do however have this little video camera.

It's the same one I used to video the bike rides a few months back. It's a bit temperamental, but if I use a certain sequence of events, I can get it to work properly.

Apart from starting it recording, I have no control about how long it records for. I suppose with practice, I could get  degree of control over which way it points.

Anyway, I shall post the resulting videos. I doubt if they'll be as good as this...

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