Wednesday, 24 August 2011

busy biking byebye building

Today I cycled 15 miles. I've cycled every day this week, but this is my longest to date.

I followed the Wirral Circular trail, which mainly kept me off the main roads. My route took me along the banks of the Mersey mainly, with a few bits where I had to travel alongside or on main roads. I didn't start until quite late, and it became obvious that I wouldn't be home before dark.

Not a problem. I'm an experienced cyclist. More than that, I'm an experienced cyclist with bright LED flashy lights to fron and rear. Still, I ended up in Bromborough, perhaps 12 miles from home, so I jumped on a train to Birkenhead and cycled back from there.

One part of my journey took me to the Croft Industrial Estate, where, a couple of years ago, I found a gap in the fence that allowed me close access to the derelict buildings you see below.

I went down there with Bren and some camera equipment, just as the sun was turning everythng golden, and we had a fantastic shoot. I'll try to ad some of the pics to this post shortly. Some of the warehouses to the left contained some fantastic vibrant grafitti. I like old abandoned places anyway. There's a sort of melancholy romance about them.

I've always enjoyed looking at the main building. But tonight, it was half demolished. I suppose it will be flattened by the end of the week.

I know we can't preserve everything in aspic, but I'll be sad to see it go. I'm glad I went there tonight and took a few pictures.


John said...

site for people who climb into/onto/over/under places, some great photos of old factories etc

Paul said...

Nice one John. I've been to 28days later before, and they do indeed have some fascinating urban exploration stuff, from deep dark abandoned mines to the tops of tower cranes and chimneys.