Monday, 10 January 2011

It's been over a month since I had a cigarette.

Note: I'm not posting to say "It's exactly a month". I wasn't thinking anything about it, but I thought about it now and looking back, I see I gave up on the 4th of December.

Do I feel better for it? Well I suppose so. I certainly don't feel any worse, and I'm about £10 a week better off.

A search for "tobacco" on Google Earth got me a letter.

Right next to the American Tobacco Campus is a spiral staircase thing that's as good a lower case "a" as I've ever found.

But I already have a lower case "a".

I shall make this a democratic venture. Vote for your favourite! The new "a" is shown above. The old "a" is shown below.

None of the proceeds of this vote go to Simon Cowell.


Brenda Sharp said...

Well done! Not only have you saved money but you have kept the house warmer by not going outside and leaving the door open whilst you have a fag. It is soooo much nicer to get up close and personal too.

John said...

new a, old a has a whiff of Q about it

Jim Bliss said...

Got to agree with John. The new 'a' is a much better candidate.

And congrats on laying off the tobacco for a month. In my experience you'll only really start to feel the benefit after a few more months (assuming you also get some exercise... that tar in your lungs won't shift without exercise and your heart will thank you for it too).