Friday, 14 January 2011


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Brenda Sharp said...

It's all a bit overwhelming or strangely soothing depending upon how you look at it.

I choose to relax back in the knowledge that there is no way I could possibly keep up to date with all that is devloping nor could I understand most of it. I take solice in the fact that with each new release of software and devices here now, or yet to be, they are designed to be more and more intuitive.

Much of that launched at the consumer is not neccesity but advances on what has appeared in the last two decades. In 1996 I invested £1,500 in a computer,software, scanner, printer and 1.3M Olypus digital camera 'bundle'.From then life changed , the way I spend my time has changed on a very personal level because of these things (I would also include my mobile in this).

But.........although it is unlikely I will turn my back on my personal techno possesions, it is reasuring to know as of yet I don't NEED them.