Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Last Post

Of 2010. Probably, unless I suddenly discover a fantastic letter R in the next few days or something.

2010 has been a mediocre year for me in many ways. Just plodded on without really going anywhere. There have been some good bits, and nothing really bad has happened. Not to me personally anyway. My Dad's prostrate cancer has probably been the worst bit, but that's responded well to treatment, and as far as I'm aware, it's in remission. I was down at my mum and dads a couple of days ago, along with lots of other extended family. Had a good old natter with my dad. He was telling us about his sadistic old cunt of a father. He hoped he hadn't been like that himself.

I told him that he'd had his moments. He told me I'd had moments too. And we laughed about it. We spent a long time at loggerheads. I'm so glad we buried the hatchet. We're so alike in so many ways.

I don't much know about New Year resolutions. When I've made any in the past, I've not really meant it. Or if I've  meant it, I've not been able to stick to it. But for what it's worth, starting on January 1st, I resolve:
  •  To be tee-total. 
  • To continue not to smoke cigarettes
  • To work hard enough to clear my debts
  • To get out on that bloody pushbike now and again. At least one decent bikeride a month.
  • To be more considerate and less isolated from those closest to me.

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