Saturday, 28 August 2010

It pays to enrich your word power.

I'm on a mission!

The mission is to insert words that you wouldn't normally expect to hear in a driving lesson into a driving lesson.

The words have to be in context. I can't just start randomly spouting words.

So when a pupil looks in their mirror, they might just glance with their eyes, or they may try to make it obvious that they're looking by moving their whole head.

So that got the words "Ostentatious" and "Surreptitious" into lessons in the past.

Today though, I got to use the word, "Equilibrium". My pupil was trying to use his clutch to make the car stand still on a slight hill. Gravity was trying to make the car roll backwards. His clutch plates were trying to make the car drive forwards. The forces had to be balanced in order to achieve precise control of the car.

There have been others too, although I forget what they were now mostly. Except one guy asked me what "Ambiguous" meant.

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