Friday, 27 August 2010

It must be a time of the year thing.

I packed up smoking about this time last year too.

On that occasion, I went to see a hypnotherapist. She spent an hour telling me that giving up is easy, and that the idea that it's hard was a myth propagated by the NRT industry.

I think she may have been using the wrong pitch. When I finally got to relax in the comfy chair and put the headphones on, I found that I was pretty much aware the whole time. I don't think I make a good subject for hypnosis, but maybe that was just a clash between therapist and client.

Anyway, I gave the lady £150, and stayed off the cigarettes until the money I'd saved by not buying tobacco covered the money I'd wasted by going to see the hynotherapist. It took about 5 months I think.

This time round, I had a day off, and I had a lie in, followed by a lazy day playing civilisation 2 on the computer. Suddenly it was about 5.30 pm, and I hadn't had a cigarette all day. So I wondered how far I could go.

I've stocked up on unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks, and with their help, I've managed 3 days.

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