Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Pete's new flat

Peter teaches English in Thailand. It was he that I went to Wales on my bike with the other week, but now he's back in South East Asia. He's not concerned about the troubles going on there, because, in his words, it's "ritualised" and as long as he stays from a particular street where these things always happen, he'll be OK.

But he's moved. Same role but just as I could teach driving pretty much anywhere in Britian, given a short time to familiarise myself with the roads, so Peter can also ply his trade in a variety of locations.

He's challenged me to find his new home on Google Earth. Here's what I had to work with...

23-storey tower block, Laem Chabang Tower, just 100m east of Sukhumvit Road, aka Highway No. 3, in the town of Ao Udom in the province of Chonburi. It's white and about 2-3 km to the east of a massive oil storage depot.

Well that's quite a lot of information, and I quickly pinned down Highway No.3. The Laem Chabang bit took me miles away, so from what I had, it was a matter of following highway no. 3.

G.E. Imagary of Thailand isn't the highest, and it's a pretty crowded area, but my best guess puts him just north of the intersection with highway no. 7.

I'm not totally confident about this one, but nearly everything else seemed far more lowrise.

They drive on the left in Thailand, just as we do here. Just thought I'd let you know.

Oh, and Pete. The weird red button in the middle of your new laptop's keyboard? It's probably a mouse of sorts. Try pushing it in different directions and see what happens to your pointer.

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Pete said...

You're too damn efficient on that google earth by half. If I was to tell you there was a needle in a subterranean haystack you'd find it.