Tuesday, 18 May 2010

0° 0'0.00" lat 0° 0'0.00" long

Equator, Greenwich meridian. Off the top of my head, I reckon that's sub-saharan Africa. Currently, G.E. is hovering over Thailand, but I'm trying to guess what kind of biome would be in place at zero n zero e zero s zero w.

Well it's the sort of place Europeans would want to build a settlement, or at least a monument. So perhaps it's a town or a city.

It could also be some other kind of man made landscape such as farmland.

But if it's a place where humans have little influence, then it will be, by definition, a tropical area - it is exactly on the equator after all - which means rainforest, or desert, or savannah.

Did I mention that it could be some kind of mountainous terrain?

Well here goes...

Yup. Totally out! The reason why you've never heard of the famous point where 0° meets 0° is because it's 16,500 feet under the surface of the Atlantic ocean.

Presumably, somebody has dropped a big plaque from a ship as they passed, and which now lies, bedarkened and fouled with barnacles, upon the ocean bed.

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