Tuesday, 25 May 2010



WheneverI go to see a dentist, they do unpleasant and painful things to me. Not like the old colgate adverts where a smiling child proudly announces, "No fillings today, mum!"

So I must admit, I've developed something of a phobia of them.

The result is that when small things happen, I let them turn into big things. So that tiny chip that could easily have been filled 18 months ago has now become a full blown cavity. And it inevitably became infected. And I've hardly slept for the last two nights. By maxing out the dose of ibuprofen and a codeine/paracetemol based tablet, I finally got a few hours shut-eye.

It's been a bad one for sure. Shivering, sweating, crawling around unable to keep still.

So the need to get rid of this very real and present pain is greater than my fear of dentists.

Now, I'm not registered with a dentist. As well as the tooth that's currently giving me jip, I have another couple rotting quietly away. Some of them have disintegrated to a point where they will have to be dug out.

So I'm hoping that they will do it in hospital, under a general anaesthetic.

Will be getting Bren up soon (she was up most of the night, trying to make my life easier) and heading off to my local NHS walk in centre, see if I can score some antibiotics and start the ball rolling on whatever other treatment I need.

I may possibly need dentures, as the gaps will outnumber the teeth.

Hail to the thief...

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