Sunday, 18 April 2010

Now we are 6

On April the 18th, 2004, Bren and I rolled up outside a church in Moreton in a smoky old Ford Escort that cost us fifty quid, and were joined in holy matrimony by a priest that smelled of alcohol.

A year later, wondering what to buy her for our first anniversary, I turned to tradition, and took her to a craft centre to buy some paper. En route, we went up Helsby Hill and carved our initials into the sandstone. And so a tradition was born. It's our thing. Today the number "10" will be added to the scratchings, and we will reinscribe our previous years graffito's because they do fade over a year.

This year, we're going on to the Peak District for a meal and possibly an overnight stay in some hotel or guest house or youth hostel.

6 years! Blimey!

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