Monday, 19 April 2010

Fog on the barrow downs...

Been an interesting couple of days! Yesterday was a bit of a let down, because Bren had a migraine and a bad ear (and bad guts).

So it was hard for her to enjoy what we were doing, and I couldn't enjoy things if she wasn't. If we'd just made a day of it, it would have been a bit of a damp squib.

But I'd planned for us to stay overnight at the Snake Pass Inn, and go back the next day. They had no double rooms available but we got a room in a Glossop B&B.

Went out for a walk on the hills above Charlesworth,but neither of us was particularly up for it, so we spent the evening watching the telly in our room.

But today has been a lot of fun. We ended up visiting a folly, going into a cave, having a meal in the second highest pub in England, and visiting Alderley Edge, which has prompted Bren to pick up the Weirdstone of Brisingham.

Will edit more into this tomorrow, and put some pics up.

nighty night.

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