Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Michael Foot RIP

Michael Foot, Labour's most disastrous leader, marched for peace all his life. Tony Blair, Labour's most succesful leader...(finish it yourself) - Mark Steel

I became politicised as I got towards my mid teens. Firstly with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament when I was around 14, then with the Labour Party a couple of years later. Foot marked the end of a period, and his replacement heralded in a succession of leaders intent on making Labour more electable by shifting to the right.

I find it hard to imagine that I'll feel any real sorrow when the Browns and Blairs of this world turn up their toes, but along with Tony Benn, Michael Foot represents something we've now lost in British politics.

As someone else remarked, A little bit of integrity goes a long, long way.

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