Sunday, 24 January 2010


Want to know more about the the ins and outs of the highways and byways? I know I do, but I do have a professional interest.

Here are a few sites that delve into the inner workings of Britain's road network in minute detail.

This is probably my favourite road site. It's "Chris's British Roads Directory" and it's a mine of esoteric information, covering how the roads are numbered, the worst junction (and why they're so bad), C roads and where to find them, a motorway database, and much more.

The next site I'm less familiar with, but what little I've had time to look at so far seems good.

It's called SABRE, which is an acronym for the "Society for All British Road Enthusiasts"

Again, just click on the logo to take a peek.

Finally, a site that takes the piss out of stupid motorways.

Yes it's pathetic motorways and it even includes part of my own local motorway, the M53!

They don't have a logo for me to hotlink to, so here's their address instead.

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