Saturday, 12 November 2016

Alphabet Album - O

By far the most successful and most visited blog post here is the one where I put all the alphabet/geoglyph things together. People shared it. It almost went viral.

It was an ongoing feature of this blog, and unbeknown to me, people were watching, fascinated, if only slightly, as I went from a whim to something I spent time and effort doing.

Well right now, my latest obsession is with music. As mentioned in previous posts, I'm planning to put together an album of 26 songs, all cover versions from A to Z, and I reckon a similar approach might work here.

So as I get stuff done, it will be posted on soundcloud, and embedded here. At the bottom will be a list, linking to all completed songs. When all 26 are done, I will do a big long blog post with all the tracks on , so that anyone with the inclination can listen to or share it all in one convenient place - an album.

O is for Ophelia. Originally By Kula Shaker from the album, Pilgrims Progress

I liked this on the instant I heard it, although I found the progression of the song a bit predictable. All Kula Shaker's songs seem to go the same way.
Without the song at hand, I tried to play it by ear. I got something that sounded exactly like the first chord. Then I worked out the second, then the little riff to the third, and then the third itself. Then when I listened to the song again, I found I'd transposed it about 3 notes downwards. But the effort I put into working out the arrangement got me using the third position a lot more fluently. I'm really getting to grips with the middle and top end of the fretboard, and that's opened things up for me.

Here's what I've done with it.


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