Saturday, 15 October 2016


Must admit, there have been times in my life where I've made bad decisions, and ended up in some bad places.

Thing about bad places is that they have limited resources. The fortnightly giro filled my cupboards and fridge for a week, and I'd be able to buy 50g of golden virginia and a box of rizlas. But that's only if I budgeted properly, and I really didn't a lot of the time.

So the roll ups would be smoked, and I'd run out of money. The liebig's minimum in this case was tobacco. I had plenty of papers and ways of combusting, even if it meant using the hob of the cooker. But after rolling a skinny one from the dust at the bottom of the pouch, I had no means of obtaining more, without subbing from my parents or selling something to cash converters.

So I would never empty the ashtray. This, towards the end of the fortnight was a useful resource.

The tobacco I pulled from my dog ends was not as nice as the stuff from the pouch, but it was tolerable. 50g of tobacco from the pouch though, would only yield perhaps 15g of dog end tobacco.

If 50g lasted me 10 days, 15g would last for 3. Sometimes though, for whatever reason, I'd be raiding the ashtray after a week. Two or three days later, and that resource was drained, and I'd be using third hand tobacco.

Now that was getting seriously vile. Not far from par with picking up butts from the floor of the local bus station. I've done that too.

Beyond that? 4th generation tobacco was really not worth smoking.

Given a choice, I'd pick the tobacco from the pouch every time. The only time I'd start pulling apart butts from my ashtray is when the pouch stuff had gone. But once it was gone, nicotine addict that I am, I wouldn't hesitate to use the inferior stuff.

What shall we do when the light sweet crude has gone? Well frack for it, and drill the deep oceans and arctic wildernesses.

When's the next giro due?

driving lessons in North Wirral? learn to drive in Hoylake? driving instructor in Birkenhead?

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