Friday, 29 July 2016

The court case today.

I suppose it could have gone either way. The judiciary are part of the establishment after all, although they do occasionally seem to stray from the script.

It's not difficult to see what would have happened had the judge decided Corbyn required nominations. I suppose he would have picked up a few extra from disgruntled MPs who've been alarmed and upset by the behaviour of some of their colleagues, or who fear deselection in the future, but could he have got the required number? I doubt it. The leadership election would be rerun, without Corbyn on the ballotsheet, and a slew of near identical centrists would loudly trumpet their left wing credentials, to near universal derision and disbelief.

What then? Well there really would be bricks through windows.

If you keep poking someone, and poking them and poking them, and they finally punch you on the nose, you can scarcely complain of bullying and expect to be taken seriously.

Still, that didn't happen.

There will be a continuation of the blanket vilification of Corbyn, but he will win anyway. The right wing will split off and either join the libdems or make a new party, which hardly anyone will vote for, and a new, more left wing labour party will emerge. This too will be vilified daily, for years on end, and not enough people will vote for them either.

On the other hand, people will get pushed too hard and too far by a newly emboldened tory party, and Corbyn, or some other figure in this new and more radical labour party will walk in to ten downing street.

Aye, and what then?

driving lessons in North Wirral? learn to drive in Hoylake? driving instructor in Birkenhead?

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