Monday, 27 June 2016

New addition to my blogroll...

I've been in conversation with someone on the internet, an American living in Australia, who pointed me in the direction of a couple of posts regarding Europe.

Here's the last thing he said...

We can hope that this insanity may be prevented somehow. 

The ref was non binding, article 50 may be delayed, there may be an early
election to toss out the tossers ...

Don't know what you think of the writer, David Allen Green but,

Then there's Sue Black:
And this is my response...

I saw a post on facebook today. Put simply, it said "Should child killers and paedophiles be put to death - Yes or No." That's all.

And of course, the vast majority of responses, from the limited number I bothered to scan through said "Yes", sometimes adding worlds to the effect of "but only after we've tortured them horribly"

When I looked, the post had garnered about 50,000 responses (you can see perhaps why I didn't take the time to look through them all)

Children are emotional. Adults are intellectual. There is a child within us all.

And, being children, we can be manipulated.

Power to the people? The "people" are generally reactionary, short sighted, ill informed and easily led. Why the left insist on giving them power when they are a bunch of swivel eyed right wing wannabe vigilantes is beyond me sometimes :)

The blame though, really lies with the manipulators, not the manipulated. The person that posted the post clearly did so with an agenda in mind - to provoke an emotional and reactionary response.

Sue Black appeals to the emotions. David Allen Green appeals to the intellect. I've added him to my blogroll.
And I have. He's worth a read I think. My comment on Sue Black was in retrospect, a tad unfair.

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

in out in out shake it all about

i predict we will stay in.

as the proportional representation and scottish independence referenda showed, most people don't really want radical change.

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