Friday, 15 April 2016

one more day...

Off to the Lake District on Saturday for my annual jollies.

Tomorrow though, promises to be an arduous day. Nine hours work, spread from 7am to 730pm. An early morning driving test.

My car has been playing up though. First the heater stopped working a couple of days ago, then today it suddenly started losing power, and then late on, as I was driving home, a constellation of warning lights came on on the dashboard. It was running too hot as well, so when I got home I had a look under the bonnet, and found that there appeared to be no water in the engine coolant reservoir.


I've put water in it, although it might possibly be empty when I check in the morning.

If the warning lights are still on though, it could jeopardise the driving test.

Not good, either financially or in terms of my reputation, and there was no possible way, at 830 this evening, and with the test due to go out at just after 8am tomorrow, to sort out any kind of replacement or alternative arrangement.

Update: The problem is a leak in the cooling system. I had to fill it again this morning, and again immediately before the test. I knocked on the door of the examiners office, and told them I had a problem, explained what it was and what I'd done about it, and the examiner was kind enough to take me at my word and let the test go ahead, despite the warning light on the dashboard. Pupil passed with three minor faults. Happy bunnies. 7 more hours to do. Huzzah!
driving lessons in North Wirral? learn to drive in Hoylake? driving instructor in Birkenhead?


John Cooper said...

You need to put coolant in, not just water as that boils off, if you can't see any leakage under the car when it stops you're probably looking at a head gasket. I'd suggest getting it to a garage as soon as possible before it does serious damage link attached explains it slightly better

Paul said...

It went in on Saturday. I am off this week on holiday in Windermere so they can fart around with coolant and head gaskets all they like. When I first refilled the engine coolant bottle it all drained out again quite quickly, but further top ups didn't. I suppose the jacket of water around the engine was dry, and the first lot just refilled it. All seemed OK after that, but I still need to know why it dried up in the first place.