Sunday, 21 February 2016

crappy way to treat your customers

One of my pupils should have had her driving test on Monday. She had to take time off work, and so used a day's holiday.

Unfortunately, about 2 hours before her test was scheduled to start, she got a phone call from some disinterested office worker at the DVSA informing her that her test was cancelled, as there was no examiner to conduct the test.

Well, it happens. It's happening a lot at the moment, as the examiners' terms and conditions have been eroded steadily over the last few years (as many other civil servants' have). This means many of them are working to rule, and refusing to do overtime, etc. It also means that fewer people are joining the profession. So when an examiner has to take time off, there is less cover available.

Here's the thing though. If my pupil had taken the time off, and lost a day's pay, she would be reimbursed for the loss of earnings she suffered as a result of the short notice cancellation. Because she lost a day's holiday entitlement, the DVSA's rules state that she's not out of pocket, and cannot claim for the time lost.

If she was to cancel from her side of things without giving three working days notice, she would forfeit her test fee.

What a crock of shit. I suppose she could go through the rigmarole of pursuing a claim through the small claims court, but really, who can be arsed doing that? And I suppose that's what the DVSA are counting on.

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