Thursday, 31 December 2015

April Skies

I rarely remember my dreams in any detail. I suspect partly because I went to bed so late (about 5am) and yet still struggled to go to sleep, and partly because my sleep was disturbed at some point, last nights installment stuck with me.

Other people's dreams are boring as hell, and I'm sure this will be no exception. Here's how it went...

Somehow, for no good reason, I ended up a long way from home, with nowhere to turn. Presently, I remembered that my mate, Dave lived somewhere nearby. (London) and my location transformed seamlessly into the inside of a posh and spacious flat.

Dave left the room to smoke a cigarette and left me to mess around on his computer. I found myself playing some weird, highly detailed sandbox game that seemed to rely on my bodily movements more than pressing buttons on a controller. Presumably there were cameras located around the room that were reading my movements, in the same way Kinect does for the Xbox.

It was supposed to be a first person shooter game, but it wasn't. The grim greys and drabs of the usual point and zap environment were not there. The palette of my dream was much brighter, and imbued with much less menace. More like the famous picture that Windows XP users got to see when they first logged in than some grim warzone. I zoomed in on a person walking up a grassy slope somewhere opposite me. (I must have had a rifle with a scope?) and he was only too aware of me. He turned and looked at me, shrugging, as if to say, "Mate. Don't be a dick." I couldn't shoot him after that.

At some point, Dave returned from wherever he'd been, and instead of being inside the POV of my character, I was looking at it from outside. Before, it was generic. A nothing. Now it looked surprisingly like me. The cameras recording my movements had been busier than I realised. It also reminded me of the Python character, Biggus Dickus. I'm currently more hirsute than I've been for a while.

The game was called "April Skies", and having woken at the crack of noon, I went and looked online for it.

It's a song by The Jesus and Mary Chain, although I've never heard it. There may be a less than subtle reference to "No Man's Sky" in there though.

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