Friday, 10 April 2015


One moment, I'm learning how to do yoga, the next, I'm pulling some guy's teeth out with a pair of pliers.

I'm talking about Grand Theft Auto 5 by the way. I have no intention of learning how to do yoga.

The storyline demanded that the main protagonists in the game work with some secretive US governmental agencies, and in order to get information about which of several possible people to assassinate, a person has to be tortured.

This was a deeply uncomfortable thing to do, even in fantasy virtual life. Bren couldn't watch, and made herself scarce.

Rockstar North, the game's developers recieved considerable criticism for the scene, but I think it was a clever and thought provoking thing to include - something that made me examine my own feelings very closely.

Mainly empathy for the poor bastard strapped into the chair, and revulsion for what I was being asked to do. I'd imagine the vast majority of people who encounter this would feel the same way.

Some things I couldn't do. I just couldn't. I never did use the pliers. The waterboarding was probably the easiest somehow.

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Pete said...

You should do yoga.