Sunday, 25 January 2015

Mmmm. Dead babies for breakfast.

I remember once seeing an interview with Frank Zappa. I don't remember much about it except for a bit where he said something along the lines of

"When ever I see a sensational news item, I don't think, "Why is this happening". I think, "Why is this being reported now"

Anyway, a couple of bits of news caught my eye today.

Firstly, ITV news reported that The Green Party would allow people to join Al Qaeda or Islamic State.

Secondly, The Independent reported that The Green Party would evict Her Maj, and put her in a council house.

Thirdly, a radical left wing party has just done, in the Greek National Elections, the equivalent of Respect taking most of New Labour's core vote.

Finally, a few days ago, the major broadcasters were forced (at least in part by David Cameron - I wonder who he thinks the greens will take votes from) to expand the leadership debates to include Greens and Welsh and Scottish nationalists.

Bren and I joined the Green party a week or so ago, although we haven't done anything apart from set up a direct debit for monthly subs, but it might be interesting to go to their next meeting and say hello. I've sat on my fat cynical disillusioned arse for too many years, and  from the above, it looks like they may make real inroads this year.

We'll see.

driving lessons in North Wirral? learn to drive in Hoylake? driving instructor in Birkenhead?


Pete said...

Would you describe yourself as a watermelon?

Paul said...


Pete said...

You have a lot to learn about the party of which you are a member, grasshopper.

Paul said...

may the lord have mercy on stringy bob

Pete said...

Your blog follows a cycle, a sine wave, if you like, alternating between highly obscure references and niche topics of such narrowness they certainly would not be allowed on Mastermind (e.g. games on the BBC computer circa. 1982) to lengthy, detailed and clear explanations worthy of anyone in any training field. I consider the former to be posts you actually make to yourself, perhaps from one hemisphere of your brain to the other whilst the general readership of your blog looks on as one might watching a tennis match going on behind an opaque screen.

Paul said...

That last bit is actually quite close to the mark.

The post above (Vote Whigs) being a case in point.

Someone who I knew 25 years ago is a political activist. Well to the left of Labour, but has been involved in Labour and the Trades Union movement for a long time.

He's worried that the Green party will split the left vote, and has posted on facebook to that effect.

It's a well trodden dialogue, and I can remember the same debate being had over Ralph Nader back in the day.

For me, voting for one centre right party in order to keep out a different centre right party seems pointless.

But I like and respect the guy, and I don't at the moment want to get involved in a public argument. Yet the thought expressed in the post occurred to me, and I did want to put it down somewhere. Closer to the time, I might put the same argument directly to him, but for now, it's being aired here.