Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Oh my God!... It's full of Car!

See this picture?

It's the view out of my front door.

Towards the middle of the picture, peeping between the caravans, is a grey/silver car.

That car is a Ford Focus.

Here's how it looks when I take a photograph using my phone through the occular of my wonderful new hi tech telescope.

Actually it's not really all that hi tech. It's basically a tube with a slightly concave mirror in it, and a prism inside the tube at the focal point to direct the light to an eyepiece. The majority of the stuff is tripod, and the means to keep the scope still, and control precisely where it points.

Anyway, here's that car...

It arrived yesterday, and when I got home from work at about 930pm, I immediately assembled it. This took about 45 minutes, but I did seem to do everything right. Nothing is missing. Nothing still to be attached. I haven't broken anything.

Of course, I had to try it. I took it outside, but there was no moon, and the skies were quite cloudy. I tried to get it to see the brightest visible star, but really got nowhere. It seemed prudent to leave it, and try again when I had a better target.

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