Saturday, 15 March 2014

1 car, 4 people

One of my pupils had their driving test today.

As things worked out, I had a bit of a break between my early morning lessons and Sam's pre-test lesson. I used the opportunity to put fuel in the car, then to give it a good clean, inside and out.

I'd been in to the test centre earlier in the day, because the early morning was foggy, and I wanted to know if a decision had been made about afternoon tests. I was advised to call back later, and I did so, but by the time I did, the fog had cleared considerably, and there was really no question about the test going ahead.

So in due course, we turned up at the test centre, and the examiners (two - there was another guy taking his est at the same time) came out of the office, accompanied by the Supervising Examiner.

We went through the formalities and the examiner asked Sam if he wanted his instructor to accompany him on the test.

Yes, came the reply, at which point the S.E. announced that he too would be coming along.

Examiners too have to be examined from time to time.

And so it was that Sam took his test with...

An examiner sat next to him, guiding him around a test route and marking his driving
A supervising Examiner watching both him and the examiner to see how the examiner performed
Me, watching the whole thing with bemused interest. I had no part to play, and got a look through a grimy window at what the examiners have to go through.

Sam, by the way, was understandably made somewhat more nervous by the turn of events, but drove a really good drive, right from the off. I kind of knew he'd passed well before the examiner announced the result of the test, although you can never be sure.

I'm so glad though that I'd taken the time to give the car a good clean, inside and out.

driving lessons in North Wirral? learn to drive in Hoylake? driving instructor in Birkenhead?


Pete said...

Why was the window grimy or was that a metaphor?

Paul said...

I could see the supervising examiner making notes. I do not know what those notes said.