Wednesday, 26 February 2014

a minor milestone mastered

It's been a while since I got out onto a golf course. I think the last time I played might have been as far back as November, but I've had a rare day off today, and went to play a round with my Dad and his mate, Don at Arrowe Park municipal course.

The ground was pretty sodden, and all the proper greens were off limits. Every hole had a temporary green in front of the real one. The holes were twice the size of ordinary golf holes.

So each hole played shorter than the listed yardage, and putting was easier, although the temporary greens were much lumpier than what you'd normally get. Also, when I play with my Dad, we're fairly laissez-faire about the odd errant shot. So on a couple of occasions, I'd just rehit a badly struck tee shot, and we'd turn a blind eye.

My goal has been to get around an 18 hole course in less than 100 strokes, and I've never got that close. A typical round might be perhaps 120. My best round was 107 if I remember rightly.

Today I went round in 97.

When we got there, a big group of women had just started at the first tee, so we cut through to the 8th tee and played from there to 18, then did 1-7. I never had a disastrous hole. My worst score was 8, and that was on a par 5 hole.

I really felt I was starting to get it.

Yes, it was in exceptionally easy circumstances, and yes, it's entirely possible that next time out, I will be unable to hit two consecutive balls straight, but I thought it worth noting here that I'd finally managed to achieve something I'd set out to do.

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Pete said...

Well done. That is a quite remarkable jump.