Thursday, 2 January 2014

Can't get there from here...

Well, several of the discussion boards I read feature the "world's poorest president".

He's almost universally acclaimed! Democrats (capital US "D") especially sing his praises from the rooftops.

Sad to say, dear reader, I've been pissing on their adulation with a simple question.

"If an independent politician stood, promising to behave in the same way as Mujica, would you vote for him (or her)" It's a bit of a thread stopper, truth be told. The obvious corrollary is "If you don't vote for such people, how are you ever going to get them elected"?

A decade or so ago, I remember Liberals saving their most vicious criticism, not for George Bush, but for Ralph Nader. How dare he do anything that might jeopardise their centre right party of choice from getting in!

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