Monday, 14 October 2013


I have put a post on my website suggesting to other instructors that they might want to work with me.

As a method of getting an instructor, this isn't actually very assertive. Still, the message is out there, and if by chance another instructor, (or someone who knows an instructor) who is struggling to make ends meet, stumbles across it, then perhaps they will actually get in touch.

I suspect I might do better asking around at my local test centre.

Edit: A day after posting this, I had a driving test, during which I was speaking to another instructor, and without comitting ourselves, a common interest was expressed.

I was sort of cool, because of duplication. The guy seemed like a nice guy, and we got along fine, but we come from the same area, and teach in identical vehicles, even down to the paintwork.

As a corporate branding exercise, two instructors with identical liveries might be a useful thing, but I think I'm looking for diversity. A Woman. Someone who teaches in an Automatic. Someone from South Wirral. That kind of stuff.

The guy in question though is a bit of a high flyer at another local school. It might be good to have him on board.

driving lessons in North Wirral? learn to drive in Hoylake? driving instructor in Birkenhead?


Pete said...

Be careful you don't fall foul of employment law. If you are classed as an employer, a whole raft of costs and obligations falls onto you. Just sayin' like. Best of luck with this if you go ahead.

Paul said...

Hi Pete. Generally, it's accepted that instructors are self employed. Certainly when I've worked for other schools, it's been on that basis.

So what happens here is a contract between me, and another instructor, where they agree to pay me a certain amount of money on a regular basis, and I undertake to provide a certain number of pupils in exchange for this. The instructor then charges their pupils for their services, and is responsible for paying their own tax/NI etc.