Monday, 22 July 2013

A cover up!

Tonight, I have purchased 45 metres of weed suppressant polypropelene, which I will be covering a large part of my plot with. The sheeting will be covered in containers of one kind or another. Builders bags  might be a good way forward. I estimate that around 132* of them should suffice. Folded down, and filled with soil, these bags will make 85cm square raised beds, which should then be very productive.

A couple of months ago, while I was on the allotment, I was given an old tyre. This was a big wide slick tyre off some kind of track car. I've been growing carrots and beetroot in it, and they've flourished, unlike many of the plants in the rest of the plot. I will be keeping a small bit uncovered, where the fruit trees and rhubarb are, but as the current bits get harvested, they will be covered over and I will begin the roll-out of a new, modular system of crop production.

*I paced out the plot. It measures 20 x 7 metres.  I'm going to allow 5 metres for the fruit trees and rhubarb. So 15 x 7 metres minus a bit for paths divided by 0.85 gives about 132. I may have a few left over, or have to do something different with a few square metres.

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Pete said...

You should use that spare bit to plant a custard apple tree. See my earlier point re rhubarb. You'll thank me in a few years.