Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Somewhere, in the New York of my dreams...

...there is a very tall building. The top is square and it has a raised parapet. On the outside of this parapet is a decorative, architectural circle of rough sandstone, like a solid stone wheel.. It juts out for a couple of feet, and has a diameter of perhaps 20 feet. Below, straight down, is a void.

And last night, dear reader, I was sat atop this wheel, while Bren sat sideways on, slightly to the side of me, on the slope of the wheel, perilously close to the point where it got steep enough for a slide into oblivion to become likely. I wanted to clamber over the parapet, which was perhaps 4 feet or so above the apex of the wheel to the comparative safety of the square top of the building, but I couldn't do so without putting Bren in further danger. She, though, was reluctant to move.

The emotional content was fear. My toes were probably curling in my sleep. They are now too, remembering.

Buildings, anxiety, an unspoken frustration. I don't suppose this is too hard to interpret.

Edit: A few days later, I found a link to something in my waking life.

I've been playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I'd got quite a long way into the game, and was starting to get a bit bored with it, so I was messing around with the cheats, awarding myself a jetpack, and flying to the top of some of the tall buildings that you find in the game world.

It may be that somewhere in San Andreas there is a building with the architectural detail I described above, or it could be that I've taken something else and modified it. My best guess is the control tower at San Andreas airport.

driving lessons in Wallasey? learn to drive in Wirral? driving instructor in Birkenhead?

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