Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Best Guess...

I asked for a solid state hard drive for christmas. It's much faster than my old hard drive. From switch on to up and running takes maybe a minute, as opposed to perhaps 4 or 5 minutes with my old cluttered magnetic disk based drive.

This meant putting all kinds of things onto the drive, like Itunes and AVG and Gimp and Firefox and Google Earth (of course) etc. I'm importing a whole load of CDs into Itunes, and this latest version looks at the CD I'm importing, consults a database, and fills in the details of track names and what have you.

I imported a CD containing 4 songs I recorded a decade ago. Itunes reckons it's called "Victory Records Sampler", and that the 4 tracks on it are "Wake the Dead" and "Talk is Cheap" by Comeback kid, "The Colour of Money" by Bury Your Dead and "Blood of the Moon" by Dead To Fall.

Can't say I'm familiar with any of the above.

If you want to significantly increase the performance of your computer, get yourself an SSD drive, and put your operating system on it.

Happy new year to all my readers by the way. This year, I'm going to pretend to try to lose weight and stop drinking until the middle of January, same as last year.

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