Thursday, 13 September 2012

redesign goes live

I was contacted by Living social, a daily deal website, offering a slot this month.

Things have been fairly quiet here so I decided to go with it. I met with their rep a couple of days ago, then was informed the offer would be running today, the 13th September.

Crikey! Had to get cracking with the website. So that's what I've been up to this evening.

It's not perfect. Site navigation is not as straightforward as the old site, and there are more pages. Most of those pages have a "back to home page" link at the bottom. A bit clunky, but adequate.

Overall, the new version has a coherent and bright look and feel. With just one optimised background image, it loads fairly quickly. I managed to get things to position themselves where I wanted them to be, regardless of monitor resolution by using a table of sorts. A table with 1 cell. It works. I don't yet understand html well enough to do such things without resorting to such methods but ultimately, neither tables or framesets are the way to go.

Feel free to go take a look by clicking on the links below.

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