Sunday, 16 September 2012

People and places

Just zoomed in pretty much at random to a place in Denmark called...


So what other amusing cross overs between given names and placenames can be found?

Of course, adding the prefix, St or Saint would give many hundreds of such places, but that's too easy.

I started with Paul. Ah, vanity.

With a bit of help not only from Google Earth (which got confused with commercial premises) I found three places.

One in Cornwall, (is that a lower case "r" at the top of the picture???)

One in Idaho,

and one in Cape Verde. This last one is not so much a place as an area. It covers about a third of the island. Google Earth pinpoints the bleak and rocky enscarpments of a mountain.

I think Verde means "green". Verdant. Verdigris.

Liars! They'll be calling that massive island in the arctic, "Greenland" next.

OK, well still keeping things close to home, I bet there's no place on Earth called Brenda.

Sure enough, asking Google Earth sends me off to Brenda's Schoolwear, in Frimley and Farnborough.

Might have more luck with "Patricia". My Mum's called Patricia.

Yes. Two of them, in Texas and Alberta. Both small and in the middle of nowhere by the looks of things.

At least she got somewhere, unlike Brenda.

Obviously, there are many many names, and this post is going to get very long and boring very quickly if I do everything from aaron to Zoe so I'm limiting it to just my nearest and dearest.

So Frederick.

There are ten of them! In Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Virginia, and two sounds, one in Alaska, and one in British Columbia. The one in Michigan is a ghost town.

Here's the Alaska one.

Is there a place called Kathleen? Well yes. 4 of them. Sibling rivalry dictates that I should be disgruntled. My sister has 33% more places sharing her name than I do. Hers are in Georgia, Florida, Western Australia and an island in Tasmania.

something has come up that I need to deal with, so I'm posting this as is for now.

driving lessons in Wallasey? learn to drive in Wirral? driving instructor in Birkenhead?

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