Friday, 1 June 2012

first taste

My first demijohn, started on 11th May had pretty much finished fermenting.

So I've just drawn off a glass of it

First impressions? Well it looks like dishwater. It's still very cloudy. Presumably if I leave it long enough this will clear, but this one is a very pale brownish yellow like overdiluted orange juice. It smells a bit like scrumpy. It tastes...

Well it tastes nothing like anything I've drank before. Imagine mixing a bottle of proper scrumpy with a bottle of sherry and you're in the right area. It's both sweet and has a sharpness. That sharpness I think is alcohol. This is seriously strong stuff by the feel of it.  Perhaps well over 15% abv. I don't have a hydrometer or whatever it is they use but it's strong enough to make me shudder in the same way that loony juice like Thunderbird Red does..

It's not particularly pleasant to drink. It's sickly sweet and overstrong. I'm drinking this one glass neat. In future I will dilute it with water or fruit juice or something.

Does it taste like marmite? Hell no.

driving lessons in Wallasey?

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